Friday, October 27, 2006


(16x20 oil on panel)

Just as I was starting to paint last night I got an emergency phone call. The rest of the evening was spent making calls and praying. This morning I decided to post a painting I did several years ago.
If you have any interest in purchasing this painting, please drop me a quick note in the comments link below.


Jon Conkey said...

Sorry to hear about your emergency, hope all will be fine. Your paintings have been grabbing my attention, this one is excellent. The subject is really a great concept, it is well painted; a whole suite of work could be based on this theme,(workers at work). All good to you!

Karen Sempsrott said...

Thank you, Jon!

Funny, I've actually been thinking about this theme for many years. People working, or people being people. I often do paint that type of painting.