Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Red Door

(5x7 inch oil on masonite panel)


VH McKenzie said...

I like everything about this painting -- it's mysterious and other-worldly. I'm drawin to the building, yet a bit fearful at the same time. Very different style from your figurative work, no?

mick mcginty said...

I really like paintings with large areas of little or nothing happening, that places the main object in more importance. I really like seeing it, I just can't draw myself to doing it....nice work

Karen Sempsrott said...

Hi VH McKenzie,

Thank you for the comments. Yes, I believe it is different. I catch myself getting uptight when I do figurative work. Probably because everybody knows what a figure basically looks like, so it's got to be believable. But in the landscape, it's all between me, God and the fence post.

Karen Sempsrott said...

Thanks, Mick!