Friday, October 13, 2006


(5x7 inch oil on panel)

This is my brother, Larry. He's ten years older than me. My first remembrance of Larry took place somewhere between my being 2-years and 5-years-old. I know this because, when I was in kindergarten, we lived in the house on Mulberry Street. This event took place when we lived on Stubbs Mill Rd. I didn't walk until I was almost 2-years-old (some kind of problem with one of my legs not growing.) Anyway, I remember that Larry made us (me and my sisters) Superman outfits for our Troll Dolls. I thought he could do anything. I was right...he is a genius!

I went to Bonita's show tonight at Closson's. It was a great show. I met the neatest lady there. Her name was Sue. In September she and her husband will be married 51 years. I found Sue to be fascinating. I hope we meet again someday.

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