Sunday, October 22, 2006


(10 X 8 inch oil on canvas panel)


Daily Paintings said...

Karen....really like this!

painting with erin libby said...

I deeply enjoyed scrolling through your work. I see you as an artists , constantly growing and tackling new levels and subgects with a rich inner energy.

I am sorry about Chelsea. My Susu, a standard poodle, has a debiitating malady. The vet discussed the fact that they make housecalls for euthnaasia. I can imagiine Susu saying,"WHAT? I am busy doing my job. I have to look after you."

great photos, by the way. I have a blogspot location, but have to master how to pass along my URL. try searching for erin libby or look at It is an old, incomplete web site. The new one is under construction.