Thursday, September 14, 2006

I mentioned in my profile that completing a painting every day may prove to be a challenge. I was right. So, today I am posting the first 30 minutes of a painting. Because, 30 minutes was the only amount of time I had available to paint today. Rather than post nothing, I thought you might enjoy seeing a painting as it progresses. I'll be surprised if I have more than 30 minutes a day to paint for the rest of the weekend. I'm booked solid with events.

I am working on this painting in the handmade paint box my dad made. It is such a wonderful box. Not only is it cool looking, but it is extremely functional. The lid can hold up to 4 wet 8x10 inch panels. The palette is made of thick plexiglas, with a small hole drilled in the corner to allow a finger to lift the palette out of the box. Underneath the palette are three separate compartments which hold all the paint and mediums I need. Plus a pair of pliers (I think of them as persuaders) for those tubes of paint that refuse to open. Also a razor blade scraper and brushes and palette knives. On the bottom is a mount for a tripod. I often just use a table top.

Sometime I'll show you the awesome table palette he made for my studio. Actually, you should see all the furniture he's built for me. I was thinking about this last night. Every single room in my house, yes even the bathroom and basement, has at least one piece of furniture Dad's made for me. He is awesome.

This is one of the ways I start a painting. I'll block in the large shapes and shadows. Then, I'll start pulling the painting out of the shapes. My favorite way to paint, though, is a bit different. I'll show that sometime as well (Good Lord willing).


Leslie Sealey said...

I actually like this painting of the guy in the yellow shirt "unfinished." It's cool, and it works!
You are so lucky to have your dad making furniture, paintboxes etc. for you-how wonderful! Thanks for sharing that.

Karen Sempsrott said...
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Karen Sempsrott said...

Thanks, Leslie! Wow, this Blogging stuff is really cool. Just yesterday I was checking out YOUR PAINTING from September 12 "Window Light". I loved it by the way. And today I find myself communicating with you.


Karen Sempsrott said...

I deleted the two posts because somehow, I'm still clueless, I accidentally posted the same comment to Leslie three times. I hope I get the hang of this blogging business.